Customer service is primarily provided by our sales department. They supervise the entire project from the first enquiry through to final production. The sales operation is responsible for calculation and quoting, plans and negotiates all commercial agreements and concludes the contracts. From the Solingen site, the BIA sales department coordinates all projects in Germany and abroad.

Advanced Quality Planning

Our advanced quality planning team (AQP) evaluates the manufacturability of requested products. AQP makes recommendations for any adaptation of technical drawings and quality specifications that may be necessary and negotiates this with the customer. The AQP also takes care of the quality development and pilot-series support of a project, prepares initial sample inspection reports and coordinates and supervises customer audits.

Product / Tooling Development

At the beginning of a project, the product and tooling development group (PTD) checks the design data of a requested component. If required and in coordination with the customer and the AQP,  PTD redesigns it according to electroplating and moulding tool requirements. The core task of PTD is the design and simulation of the injection moulding tool and process (single or multi-component) as well as the technical pilot series support.

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