b-lab Labor für Oberflächenteile
b-lab Labor für Oberflächenteile

The b-lab laboratory for surface-treated parts is a test laboratory founded by the automotive supplier BIA and accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAKKS). Following the conversion and accreditation of BIA's own test laboratory at the Solingen site, the b-lab is also authorized to carry out official and independent material and surface tests and to write test reports

An overview of the accredited procedures can be found in the attachment.

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An overview of the laboratory specifications of the b-lab can be found here.

The service portfolio of the b-lab includes:

Certificate of accreditation
Certificate of accreditation

Layer thickness measurement

The correct layer thickness(es) of a surface finish is essential to guarantee the suitility and durability of a component. We use microscopic and coulometric methods to measure layer thickness and for STEP tests.


Salt spray test

We carry out corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres. Depending on the requirements, the components are exposed to either, a copper-accelerated acetic acid salt spray (CASS), or a neutral salt spray (NSS).

Climate simulation tests

The durability of the components is tested under extreme conditions by simulating different climatic conditions that change rapidly over time. Climatic test conditions can be simulated in the temperature range from -70° to +180°C and at relative humidity levels from 5 to 95%. Cold and warm storage (-40° to +200°C) can also be carried out.

Humidity testing

Simple method for testing the moisture resistance of a component. The test is performed in a constant climate.

Adhesion testing

We check the adhesion of the layer structure to the substrate material using shock tests (temperature shock test) as well as crosshatch and cross-cut tests.

Hardness measurement

The resistance of the surface and the metallic layer structure to mechanical stresses is determined using a hardness tester or DUR-O test.

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Annika Mai
Deputy Head of b-lab
Lotharstraße 6
42655 Solingen

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