01. Jul 2021

BIA Group Slovakia

New plant manager at BIA Slovakia

The BIA Group has appointed a new manager at its plant in Slovakia. With Simon Skarabis (42), BIA has gained an experienced expert on the automotive industry.

Born near Wolfsburg, Skarabis became familiar with the automotive industry while studying business administration on a VW scholarship. Some professional positions have taken him from VW to the body maker KWD and to Jaguar Land Rover in Slovakia. In the meantime, Skarabis also worked as an independent consultant for suppliers seeking support with projects for Volkswagen.

For Skarabis, who most recently worked as Director of Operations for a household appliance manufacturer in the far east of Slovakia, the vacated position of plant manager at BIA Slovakia was a welcome opportunity to return to the automotive industry. At the same time he will be closer to his wife and son, with whom he lives in Bratislava which is close to Nitra. “Being able to fill an exciting and responsible position and at the same time to spent evenings at home enriches the quality of life,” emphasizes Skarabis.

"It is great to be able to pull the strings in such a technologically advanced and growing company, because the job promises to be anything but mainstream and routine," explains Skarabis, who is sportsmanlike in both his professional and private life. Standing still is not his thing. His appointment promises to bring dynamic leadership to BIA Slovakia, and among other things, will focus on a reorientation of the processes following the shop floor management concept. “Transferring this philosophy to everyday operations is difficult, but it is feasible with the dedicated team here on site,” says Skarabis, in anticipation of this and his other impending challenges.

New plant manager at BIA Slovakia
New plant manager at BIA Slovakia

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